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Stationary Dental Prosthesis (appliance)

Stationary Dental Prosthesis is a branch of restorative dentistry. Its main purpose is to correct extensive damage to the crown and the replacement of missing teeth with restorations that are designed, manufactured and permanently bonded to the existing natural teeth.

Damages and shortages restoration of dental arches is one of the bolder interventions in the human mouth, and its consequences affect the health and functioning of the metropolitan area of the stomatognathic system and other organs and tissues of the oral cavity.

Removable Dental Prosthesis

The removable dental prosthesis involves the design and construction of complete and partial dentures. This kind of dentures are usually related to older patients and are intended to restore the functional stomatognathic system after the universal loss of teeth from one or both jaws.

Partial dentures are meant to restore jaws with partial loss of teeth and they are a combination of areas with no teeth and areas with remaining teeth. Their aim is to fill the missing natural teeth in the bar and the deficits of hard and soft tissues, to restore occlusion, aesthetics, articulated speech, chewing and to preserve the health of oral tissues and prevent further deterioration of effects created by the loss of natural teeth.

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