Our primary goal is to satisfy all the needs of our patients who trust us. Therefore, our high quality services are tailored to the needs of each patient, the cost of the offered treatment is assessed mainly on the guaranteed outcome, and we continue to monitor the progress of our patients after the treatment of their problem.


Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry which deals with teeth order in the dental arch and with jaw guidance, in harmonious positions between them, both to restore the proper functioning of the mouth, and to create facial aesthetics.

Orthodontic treatment is necessary in cases of dental, skeletal and functional divergences of the mouth.

We have three types of orthodontical problems:

Repressive orthodontics usually begins at the age of 6-9 years in order to halt the development of skeletal jaw discrepancies, any facial asymmetry or dental problems, which without prompt treatment will worsen.

Restorative Orthodontics aims to cure the existing problems in children or adults and its launch is decided by the orthodontist, depending on the type of problem and the stage of dental and skeletal development of the individual.

The mechanisms used during orthodontic treatment can be either fixed or movable from the teeth and are also used after the completion of orthodontic movement, for a period of time specified from the orthodontist, in order to maintain the result.

For milder dental divergences, we use transparent splints (invisalign) in order to move the teeth. Specifically, there are a variety of splints, each of which moves mm to mm the teeth towards the position fixed by the orthodontist.

Adult Orthodontics

Adult patients with orthodontic problems, not addressed at an early age, can also be treated. Of course, the completion of development reduces the effects of orthodontic appliances in the skeleton of the individual and thus, orthodontic treatment targets only tooth movements.